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This is our first post in English. Hope you will enjoy it and sorry for the grammar mistakes.

yes, we know, all the excursions, tourist visitings, and Mallorcan inhabitants talk about Raixa (there is a lot of reasons to talk about it and we will mention them later) but in this occasion we want to focus on Raixeta.

For those who doesn’t know it, Raixa is located in the road that goes to Soller. Once you pass the roundabout that goes to Santa Maria (turning right) you will see some signs and advertisements mentioning you are arriving. you can go by car as well; it is number 220 and there is a bus stop close to it. timetable is scheduled on this website. http://www.tib.es.

This is the map of Raixa location;

The excursion starts in the parking. There is a trail that goes parallel to Raixa. It is approximately 2.5km long. There are no technical difficuties, it a flat, wide and impossible to get lost

As you can observe on those pictures, there have been not only Raixa conservation and rahabilitation works. you can find examples of activities that were done in the past like a «sitja» which was a stone structure completely covered with wood in order to produce carbon.

while we are following the way we are realising that it is really easy to do it. It is perfect for children that never went on a excursion before but for safety and security reasons we strongly recommend you not to use baby carts.

In a quiet pace, after 1 hour and 20 minutes, we will see Raixeta ya podemos ver las casas de Raixeta and its ruinous situation. It is important not to forget that the idea is to enjoy nature with the children. don’t rush 

Despite the ruinous situation of Raixeta it is worth to pay attention to very interesting details which are very easy to see and describe; the main courtyard , the well and the immense tree in the middle. you will find on the right hand side the house of the lord. There is still the heraldic shield of the third count of Montenegro, Ramón Despuig Cotoner Martínez de Marcilla y Sureda. 

In an adjoining site , we found a mill dating from 1770. It is in very bad condition but we can still see many parts of it. We can also see the kitchen in a reasonably good state.

As Raixeta is not in a very good condition, it is important that children are always accompanied by an adult to visit the different areas.

After a while, we started the way back. It is highly recommended to do the the excursion betweenTuesday and Saturday and take the advantage to visit Raixa.

The origin of Raixa is an Islamic Farmhouse which remains the place name. 

After the conquest of Mallorca in 1229 by King Jaume I , the estate passed to the Count of Ampurias. During the Middle Ages it was owned by the family of San Martin Sureda i Zaforteza – Tagamanent 

The Despuig family was key to turning Raixa in the emblematic possession that we all know . The first count of Montenegro , Ramon Despuig and Rocabertí bought the office on 18 June 1660. . During the eighteenth century the successice counts refurbished and expended it. 

In 1906  the businessman Antonio Jaume Nadal bought it until today when the Consell de Mallorca bought together with the Ministry of Environment blocking the sale to the German designer Jill Sander

Here you can see some images of Raixa

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